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The real time strategy for the enterprise is a process for continuous strategizing in an unpredictable world. The world is increasingly becomming unpredictable yet organisations and teams need to make aligned and intentional decisions.
The world is changing faster than plans can be developed and implemented. Faster than employees can adapt to with planning and programming tools It is increasingly difficult to keep track of what is taking place in the world. Traditional business strategy processes are increasingly unable to do the whole job. With this a living strategy process is required to remain well positioned in the business.


  •  From purely vision of the future – to heedful interactions
  • From mission statments – to shared identity and purpose
  • From predictions in plans and budgets – to Simple Guiding Principles


  •  <12 Participants/Facilitator
  • 8-10  hours
  • All findings are photodocumented and shared to the participants.
  • If booked as a set of session in a bigger movement, key findings will be compiled for management consideration

Note – This session is generally offered to leadership teams on company and group level


This session is tapping into the numerous benefits of the LSP Methodology!*LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® — Change Builders by Synergy

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